The exuberance of nature in the landscape calls to me, and I endeavor to reflect both its eternal and ephemeral qualities in my imagery. I am interested in capturing a sense of connection to greater forces at work. Change is also a constant source for investigation, and repetitive patterns help to anchor the experience of transformation.


Seeking to portray the visual space between dream, observation, and memory, most of my work includes a delicately complex structure or pattern that is disrupted in some way to evoke a sense of uncertainty and fragmentation.


I have been developing concurrently two distinct bodies of work : perceptual studies of naturally occurring forms, and geometric abstractions derived from those experiences. These once divergent approaches are beginning to merge at last.

"Kruger is a thoughtful painter whose art is visually beautiful, contextually current and contemplative.”
Rita Baragona, Curator, Romano Gallery

Recreating this archetype of interlocking circles and crosses found in a Giotto fresco at Padua has become a meditative vehicle that offers up endless opportunities for color play, structural experimentation, and contemplation of the life of St. Francis, patron saint of the environment.

© 2016 Ahni Kruger